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I was able to fit the whole thing into one gif! 
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Whenever I see couples getting too lovey in public.
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In this world filled with egoism even taking a breath is difficult.
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A few friends of mine have been working on a small visual novel project titled “Oh Josiah” and they’ve given me the task of publishing it. Therefore, I turn to you!Without spoiling too much of the short story, Oh Josiah is a “cautionary tale” 
It’s a very small project with a total team of 2 people behind it and it’s their first venture into the genre. I hope you guys enjoy it and please leave any feedback or criticism you may have!
Please signal boost and reblog to as many as your friends as possible!Thank you!

Hello friends!It’s been a long while since “Oh Josiah” was released and we at Jolly Station are honestly surprised by the nice little following it’s developed even though we’ve done little to no promotion for it.Thank you guys for playing and enjoying the game, every time we read a review or see a Let’s Play video it makes us smile!Stay tuned for more from Jolly Station in the future! We’ll also have a dedicated tumblr so you guys can stay connected an up to date, more info on that will be coming soon!
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I can’t believe Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Kyary Pyamu Pyamu knew the truth about life fibers the whole time
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Over 50 followers now! Yay! I love all of you. (⊙ω⊙)

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